Can CBD help prevent or treat the Covid-19 coronavirus?

Can CBD help prevent or treat the Covid-19 coronavirus?

CBD vs the Coronavirus. CBD has been used to treat a wide variety of health and lifestyle issues. It is now being recommended by doctors in many of the United States for a variety of debilitating medical conditions. The Covid 19 Corona virus is a new strain and Cannabidiol, as far as we know, has not been tested directly against it as a cure. There are several ancillary conditions that come with catching the Coronavirus that CBD can strengthen or defend against.

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Can the Covid 19 coronavirus be treated with CBD?

First of all, Covid-19 is just one coronavirus of many. Nevertheless, known to be fast-spreading, Covid-19 is infecting quite a few people, many with vicious effects. Cases have been reported several states, with New York emerging as ground zero. Medical cannabis has been deemed dispensaries essential business in Florida, Ohio and Illinois. If access to cannabis based oil is not an option, CBD oil might help you avoid catching it or to recover from it if you do catch it. 

The vast majority of those who are infected will suffer relatively minor symptoms. The main symptoms include a fever and a cough. Some cases will involve some colonic issues.

If the Coronavirus hits you really hard, you might suffer some very unpleasant asthma-like symptoms that result in difficulty breathing due to inflamed, mucus-coated lungs — aka phlegm. If you’re already dealing with lung issues such as asthma you need to be extra vigilant.

The media frenzy surrounding Covid-19 is another type of virus. Symptoms of this virus include anxiety, fear response, and possibly depression. 

So here’s a combined list of the most likely symptoms that you could suffer as a result of this Covid-19 outbreak:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Irritable bowel symptoms

Plus, due to bad news:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Fear/stress
  • Depression

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Best practices regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus:

  • If you see a doctor about a fever or sore throat, go to a doctor and get checked out, especially if you are elderly or have a weakened immune system. It’s a good idea to talk to them about CBD while you’re there.
  • More importantly, if Covid-19 gets into your lungs and causes breathing problems, you should unquestionably see a doctor! 
  • If you are coughing, feverish, or feeling ill, don’t smoke ANYTHING! No cigarettes, no marijuana, no hemp (at the very least, if you absolutely must smoke, just don’t inhale).
  • Don’t vape ANYTHING! No nicotine, no CBD, no THC, no cannabis.
  • If you have symptoms, avoid contact with other people.
  • Wash your hands between every activity and interaction.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.
  • Use disinfectant wipes at gas pumps, the ATM machine or other places where we people take turns touching the surface.

How CBD oil can help you deal with symptoms of the Covid-19 coronavirus media frenzy

Beliefs operate the same as viruses. It’s survival of the fittest. 

The more fit a virus is at the task of avoiding your immunities, invading your cells, and reproducing, the more likely it is to spread. 

As well, the more a news story makes people watch, listen, or read about it, the more ads the news media sells and therefore the more it promotes the story. Like right now.

This infection of beliefs comes with its own set of ailments. In particular, anxiety, fear, and depression. 

It’s CBD oil to the rescue! 

Here are the medicinal benefits of CBD oil that could help you deal with this coronavirus crisis:

  • CBD is an antioxylitic – Antioxylitic is a fancy word for an active compound that can help reduce anxiety. The reduction of anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people use CBD. If you’re feeling stressed out by the media blitzkrieg on your amygdala, CBD oil can help to chill you out.
  • CBD is an antidepressant – Has all this news of a mad, mad, mad world got you down. Again, CBD oil to the rescue. Depression is another of the top reasons that people use CBD. CBD has been shown to raise levels of serotonin (aka “the bliss molecule”) in the brain.

Viral infections and how CBD oil can help you avoid them

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that, in most cases, a healthy body with a healthy immune system can fend off germs on its own. 

That being said, if your immune system is compromised, CBD oil might be able to help.

  • CBD modulates the immune system – Interestingly, CBD has been shown to modulate our immune response. When the immune system is being a little too lazy, CBD can help to perk it up. This could, in turn, help you tamp the virus down should Covid-19 get into your system.
  • CBD is a powerful antiviral compound – Here’s something that might encourage you a bit. CBD kills viruses. A virus does not want to come across a CBD molecule in a dark blood vessel — or for that matter, on your skin, or in your mouth or nose — because if he does, the bastard could be toast. 

You can take CBD or Cannabis oil orally or sublingually. Take it sublingually and swishing it around in your mouth to kill germs. 

You can also put CBD oil on your hands, skin, etc. 

You can also put it on a cotton swab and swab the inside of your nose. 

If you’re not sick, you probably don’t need a dosage of more than 10 to 25 milligrams of CBD once or twice a day to help you avoid catching a coronavirus. 

But keep in mind that taking CBD is not a guarantee or medical advice by any means.

If you do catch Covid-19 coronavirus, how can CBD oil help.

If you are unfortunate enough to catch the Covid-19 coronavirus, CBD oil might be able to help you reduce the severity of the symptoms. 

Here’s how:

  • CBD is an anti-inflammatory – A fever is the result of inflammation. Inflammation is the result of your immune system’s response to the invasion. CBD has been shown to help tame inflammation and, in turn, reduce fever.
  • CBD calms coughs – There have been studies that suggest that CBD oil is actually more effective at controlling a cough than your typical over-the-counter cough syrups. No lie.
  • CBD calms the colon – Did you know that some 90 percent of all CB2 receptors — the areas on the surface of cells with which CBD interacts — are located in the intestinal tract? You do now! CBD can help to calm the savage colon and reduce nausea at the same time.
  • CBD is a powerful antioxidant – When you’re sick with a virus, any cell that gets infected with the virus will be killed when the cloned viruses burst forth through the cell’s membrane. These dead cells and their guts become dangerous to other cells because they can cause oxidation. CBD robs what are known as free radicals of their energy rendering them harmless.
  • CBD is a sedative at higher doses – One of the best ways to get through a viral infection is to sleep through it. 

If you’re sick, you might want to consider a dosage of 10 to 100 or more milligrams of CBD a few times a day. Start with just a little and work your way up if you’re not already using CBD.

IMPORTANT NOTICES regarding CBD and Covid-19:

  • If you see a doctor about a fever or sore throat — not that you need to unless you’re elderly or have lung issues — it’s a good idea to talk to them about CBD while you’re there. Not all doctors are in favor of CBD. Nonetheless, it’s good to have multiple opinions and viewpoints on this stuff. 
  • More importantly, if Covid-19 gets into your lungs and causes breathing problems, you should unquestionably see a doctor! 
  • Don’t smoke ANYTHING! No cigarettes, no marijuana, no hemp (at the very least, if you absolutely must smoke, just don’t inhale).
  • Don’t vape ANYTHING! No nicotine, no CBD. 
  • In fact, why not just quit those nasty habits while you have the chance.

How to prevent catching Covid-19 coronavirus

Here are a few tips that you’ve probably already seen:

  • Wash the living you-know-what out of your hands between every activity unless you’re home alone.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes like the plague when in public.
  • Carry a handkerchief or tissues in case you get a nose itch or something and need to touch your face.
  • Carry some disinfectant wipes with you to use at the gas pump or ATM machine or other places where we people take turns touching stuff. (Most stores are now disinfecting their credit/debit card terminals.)

How to avoid spreading the coronavirus

The first and most important thing to do if you come down with Covid-19 coronavirus (or influenza virus — the flu — for that matter), is to avoid spreading the disease! Stay home for Pete’s sake and everyone else’s. 

And if you have to go out:

  • Wear a mask and/or carry tissues or hankies.
  • If you must cough or sneeze in public, do so into the mask, tissues, or hanky, then toss or wash them first chance you get. If you don’t have those things then cough into your sleeve or even a hat. Stop fluids from ejecting from your mouth and nose into the air around you.
  • Carry disinfectant wipes with you and use them after you pump gas or use an ATM machine, etc.

And for the sake of all that is good and holy, stop sharing scary news articles! We know. We don’t need the news to be drilled into our skulls!

That’s the skinny on CBD and Covid-19 coronavirus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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4 thoughts on “Can CBD help prevent or treat the Covid-19 coronavirus?”

  1. I believe that CBG cannabinoid has a lot of potential it works synergistically with other cannabinoids like CBC, CBN, CBG for overall health. One of the aspects of this minor cannabinoid CBG is that it induces apoptosis in immune cells as a pathway to immunosuppression. Currently there are Pharmaceutical companies that are researching CBG TEVA being one in Israel. My thoughts many possibilities with CBG to help bolster the immune system and response with the current COVID-19 virus. So would CBG or other cannabinoids be part of a solution? I have read a lot of scientific white papers and research if anyone wants to go look into it, I’ll post it. Ironically there have been many people with COVID-19 being treated with malaria drugs like to hydroxychloroquine , CBG has anti-inflammatory antiviral and antibacterial known to kill superbug MRSA on contact… So bottom line it can’t hurt

  2. It’s not a panacea & access to edibles is tricky. Decarbing high% cbd flower & eating that as it is has reduced my intake of anti-anxiety meds for ptsd, so with the volume of hysteria in mind this is where cbd shines. You can sub-lingua concentrates too, another reason to give your lungs a rest.

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