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OK – MedCard telemedicine to get a low cost medical marijuana card in Oklahoma gives patients the opportunity to visit with a qualified MMJ doctor online using your smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Qualified patients can get access to medical grade cannabis products from open OK dispensaries for the treatment of several medical conditions.

Virtual consultation with a certified MMJ doctor in Missouri can be done from anywhere in the state without having to leave home. No travel, in person doctor office visit, or inconvenience. See if you qualify today!

Get or Renew your Marijuana Card Online with a Duber Doctor!

To visit with a telemedicine doctor online, simply fill out the form below and press submit. Then, select your appointment time, complete the patient intake form, and you’re on your way to a virtual marijuana doctors visit from your living room.

Use the promo code “MEDCARD15” for $15 off our already low price to get or RENEW a marijuana card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form

Duber Discounts:


  • Use discount code “RENEW15” for $15 off our already low price medical card renewal price.
  • Good for current Oklahoma marijuana patients only.
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