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A Concussion is the least serious type of Traumatic Brain Injury. It is a traumatic injury that affects the proper functioning of the brain and even though the effects are usually temporal, they can include headaches as well as problems with concentration, memory balance and coordination. This condition is extremely common and according to statistics from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 173,285 people under age 19 were treated for concussions related to sport and recreational activities in hospital emergency rooms in the USA between the years 2001 and 2009. Even though concussion could cause you to lose consciousness, it’s still possible to have a concussion and not realize.

The symptoms of a concussion could be subtle and not show up immediately. That said, the most common symptoms of concussion include headache, loss of memory (amnesia), confusion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and delayed response to questions. Concussions can be caused by a number of factors including a violent blow to the head, neck or upper body. Beside sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head could also result in concussions. Other activities and factors that could increase the risk of concussion include participating in high risk sports like football, hockey and basketball, falling, being a soldier, being a victim of physical abuse, being involved in a motor vehicle collision or having had a previous concussion.

Concussions can be treated and patients can recover fully after a concussion. Medications are typically used to treat the condition and sometimes, sufferers are advised to take a break, especially if the concussion was sustained through a sporting activity.

According to some of evidence from scientific research, CBD could be used to treat concussions because of its neuro-protectant and anti-inflammatory properties. Even the United States National Institute of Health has admitted the beneficial strength of CBD in treating a concussion. It is worthy to note that concussion causes the brain to swell or inflate. However, CBD which is found in the cannabis plant can trigger a repair mechanism in the brain to counteract this swelling.

In 2016, the Scythian Biosciences Corp of Toronto delivered a $16 million grant to the University of Miami to embark on a five-year study to examine the effects of combining CBD and NMDA antagonists for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and concussions. This study led to the creation of a new concussion pill which is made with CBD. So far, this concussion pill has demonstrated success in treating traumatic brain injury. According to Scythian Biosciences and other researchers, this pill could reduce pain, headache, post injury cell inflammation as well as other symptoms of concussion.

The researchers of this study at Miami University are willing to extend this research to human beings since the concussion pill was tested on rodents. According to the researchers, the trial of this pill on rodents with traumatic brain injury resulted in more significant cognitive progress.

A 2017 studied had also buttressed the claim that CBD was effective in treating concussion. The findings from this study showed that CBD reduces brain damage and improves functional recovery. The detailed findings from this study also revealed that the administration of CBD on patients led to long-term functional recovery, a reduction in neuronal loss and astrogliosis, metabolic derangement, excitotoxicity and neuro-inflammation.

Another study that was conducted in 2017 also suggested the potential benefit of CBD in treating psychiatric/cognitive symptoms associated with neurodegeneration. As a matter of fact, this study found that CBD modulates cell fate regulatory pathways like autophagy and others critical pathways for neuronal survival in neurodegenerative experimental models.

According to a 2013 study, CBD possesses neuroprotective characteristics that may be promising for future clinical use concerning the treatment of brain injuries and other conditions. This study actually revealed both motor and sensory neuron rescue following a treatment with CBD. It is worthy to note that this study aimed at evaluating the neuroprotective potential of CBD on lab rats that were experiencing a degeneration of both motor and sensory neurons.

Well, even though CBD has been proven to manage the symptoms of concussions, there are also indications that it can be used as a preventive. That said, the subject requires more scientific research.


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