How CBD Helps Treat Pain

Pain is an uncomfortable feeling that warns you that something is wrong. Even though pain is the body’s own way of alerting the brain that there is a problem, pain could go on for days, weeks or even months. Pain can be categorized in two ways, namely chronic pain and acute pain. Acute pain is known to come up suddenly and has a limited duration. Acute pain is typically caused by the damage to tissue such as bone, organs or muscles. It should also be noted that the onset of acute pain is usually accompanied by anxiety or emotional distress. Chronic pain on the other hand is defined as any pain that last for 3 to 6 months. Of course pain is the body’s own way of reacting to an injury or an illness and that explains why the pain usually subsides when the body is healed.

For some people, pain may continue even after they heal and this sort of pain is what is medically termed as chronic pain. This condition could be so intense that it starts taking a toll on the sufferer’s physical and mental health. It has been reported that about 25% of people suffering from chronic pain will develop a condition known as Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS). The truth is that pain syndrome can affect an individual’s physical health, emotions and social life, thereby resulting in other symptoms like anxiety, poor sleep, depression, irritability, guilt, loss of interest in sex, alcohol abuse, and suicidal thoughts. Doctors are yet to know what causes chronic pain syndrome, but it has been noted to always start with an injury or other health challenges, including arthritis, back pain, headaches, muscle strains/sprains, nerve damage, Lyme disease, broken bones, cancer, acid reflux/ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), surgery, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Pain can be treated through many ways including physical and occupational therapies, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulations, surgery and even with the use of medications such as pain relievers, anti-depressants, anti-seizure drugs and muscle relaxants.

CBD has also been reported to be effective in the treatment of pain, especially chronic pain. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, thereby influencing the body to use its own cannabinoids more effectively. As a matter of fact, CBD prevents the total breakdown of all the cannabinoids in the body, allows them to help manage the imbalance of the immune system and equally keeps the homeostasis of the body. In the same vein, another review of research that was conducted in 2015 equally corroborated the claim that CBD could effectively act as an anti-pain medication. The authors of this study particularly found that CBD could be effective in alleviating some kinds of pain, notably nerve pain which could also be associated with Osteoporosis.

A 2008 review of studies reported that CBD could be effective in pain management without side effects. Further findings from this same study revealed that CBD was also effective in the treatment of insomnia as well as other sleeping disorders that are associated with chronic pain.

The results from a 2015 review of research equally corroborated the claim that CBD could be effective in treating pain. The authors of this study found out that CBD could be effective in alleviating some kinds of pain, including nerve pain, which is medically known as neuropathy.

A 2016 study equally indicated that the use of CBD in treating cancer related pain led to a 64 percent reduction in the use of opioid which unlike CBD, has many adverse side effects. It is worthy to recall that doctors have been prescribing opioids and other drugs to patients suffering from chronic pain and most of them have become addicted. This therefore explains why 28,000 people died from opioid use in 2014, whereas 2016 registered an estimated 42,000 deaths related to opioid overdoses.

There is a need for researchers to carry out more investigations on this subject in a bid to come up with more definitive answers.


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