How CBD Helps Treat Stress

Stress is the normal way in which the body reacts to changes that requires an adjustment or a response. Of course, the body can respond to these changes either physically, mentally or emotionally. Stress is very normal and common and almost everyone experiences it from time to time. It is actually possible to experience stress from your environment, your body and even from your thoughts. It should be noted that stress does not only result from negative life changes because even positive changes such as a job promotion, a mortgage or the birth of a child can result in stress.

Stress becomes negative and worrisome when a person faces continuous challenges without any relief or relaxation between stressors. Such situations cause the person to become overworked, thereby resulting in the buildup of stress related tension. The body’s nervous system typically has a built-in stress response that prompts physiological changes to allow the body to combat stressful situations. According to scientists, this stress response is activated in case of an emergency, even though it could also become chronically activated during prolonged periods of stress.

Prolonged activation of a stress response results in both physical and emotional wear and tear of the body. If stress continues without relief, it could lead to a condition known as distress. A distress could in turn lead to symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, upset stomach, chest pain, and sexual dysfunction. Moreover, emotional problems such as panic attack, anxiety and depression could also result from distress.

In addition, research has proven that stress is linked to the leading causes of death, which include heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, and suicide. That being said, some of the symptoms of chronic stress include dizziness, general pains and aches, changes in appetite, grinding teeth, sleeping disorders, muscle tension in the neck, face or shoulders, racing heart, sleeping disorders, changes in weight, indigestion, upset stomach (diarrhea), sexual difficulties as well as tiredness or exhaustion. The treatment for stress usually involves a combination of methods that could include lifestyle changes, counseling, and relaxation or stress-management techniques. The treatments vary greatly depending on the type and severity of stress, as well as the symptoms.

CBD has been proven as an effective alternative for the treatment of stress. There are indications that unlike other conventional medications for stress, CBD may resolve the symptoms with little or no side effects. This  explains why in the United States of America, both CBD pills and oils for anxiety and depression are becoming very popular due to its ability to stimulate serotonin receptors.

The findings from a study that was conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that CBD can significantly reduce both the behavioral signs of anxiety as well as the physical symptoms like increased heart rate. This finding therefore goes a long way to buttress the claim that CBD could be effective in the treatment of stress, since anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of stress.

Moreover, some studies have shown that CBD could effectively treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is a form of anxiety that is triggered by the reminders of traumatic events. It is worthy to note that this study was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. During this study, the effectiveness of CBD was tested on patients who had severe symptoms of paranoia. The results of this study revealed that CBD significantly reduced paranoia, while not affecting the heart rate as well as blood pressure of the participants.

CBD oil has particularly been used by many people suffering from stress. The reason is that this oil is known to affect the area in the brain that can receive serotonin, which is a primary chemical in the body that can cause depression and anxiety when levels are low.

Even though both human and animal studies have pointed to the fact that CBD may reduce anxiety and depression associated with stress, there is a need for more research that specifically focuses on the effectiveness of CBD in treating stress.


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