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Modern research has however revealed that cannabidiol (CBD) can also be used as an alternative in treating gout since it is a potent anti- inflammatory as well as a top quality pain reliever. It is worthy to note that CBD, a substance which is found in cannabidiol is well known to reduce the body’s lymphocytes (white blood) that can contribute to inflammation. A 2008 study that was carried out on mice with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) however asserted the claims that CBD can indeed reduce inflammation. Findings from the study nevertheless revealed that there was a 50% reduction of inflammation on the rats that were given CBD. Similar results were however found in a research that was carried out on humans. Results from the study that aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of cannabis in easing arthritis joints as well as pains in humans found that cannabis indeed effectively controlled the affected signals that were sent to the brain from the joints. Further, results from a study that was carried out at Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases showed that rheumatoid arthritis patients who were given marijuana-based medications registered a lot of improvements some of which included pain at rest, quality sleep as well as movement.

It is nevertheless imperative to note that there is a great connection between the endocannabinoid system (ECS), arthritis and CBD. This assertion can nevertheless be explained by the mere fact that the endocannabinoid system is in control of many internal responses to stress and its goal is to create a harmonized homeostasis in the body. However, the twist is that the ECS is not always fully functional like any other natural process as there is a possibility for it to always misfire, thereby causing the immune system to overreact. This can in turn lead to the development of an autoimmune disease. Arthritis is among these potential developments whereas gout is actually a form of arthritis which could result in an overactive immune system.

Some researchers have however asserted that medical marijuana can treat just the side effects and symptoms of arthopathy gout, considering that the symptoms including, pain, inflammation, tenderness and swellings could come and go within a few days or months depending on the severity of the condition. CBD on the other hand has strong anti-inflammatory properties that have been well documented. This therefore explains why some scientists have claimed that medical marijuana produces enough pain relief, so much that there is no need for other prescription medications for gout. Besides, there are shreds of evidences that the psychoactive effects of high THC cannabis can make people so giddy and happy to the extent that laughter becomes their best medication irrespective of the type of pain they are feeling.

Of course, some strains of marijuana are more effective in alleviating the symptoms of arthopathy gout than others. This therefore explains why over the decades, breeders of marijuana have been focusing on producing many strains that are rich in THC. This is in a bid to provide users with a stronger ‘high” to mask their pains, notably the pain associated with arthopathy gout. However, people suffering from gout may also consider mixing the different strains of medical marijuana in a bid to get the right dosage that works well with regards their condition. Some potentially beneficial strains of medical marijuana that are effective in the treatment of arthopathy gout nevertheless include Girl Scout Cookies (Indica-dominant), Cannatonic (Hybrid), Canna Tsu (Hybrid), ACDC (Sativa-dominant) as well as Harlequin (High CBD).

However, there are conflicting views about the best methods of consuming marijuana in a bid to treat the side effects and symptoms of gout. Well, it has also been proven that taking the right dosage of marijuana in any form will not pose hazards. Thus, gout patients can take marijuana in any form, including the classically inhaled and topical balms. More so, gout patients can also ingest the right dosage of marijuana in the form of pill and capsules, edibles, fresh cannabis, CBD oils etc.


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