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How Medical Marijuana Helps Treat Impotence – Erectile Dysfunction

Even though there are theories that regular marijuana use could instead lead to erectile dysfunction, many scientists have a contrary opinion. It is apparent that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often get performance anxiety which even makes it harder for them to achieve a sufficient erection and that is where medical marijuana comes in. It has been proven that consuming medical marijuana helps some men relax and overcome their performance anxiety, which can in turn help them achieve an erection.

Erectile dysfunction, which is sometimes referred to as impotence, is the inability to get as well as keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. It’s a common problem that is faced by most men and an estimated 30 million men in the United States are affected by it. Even though occasional erectile dysfunction may occur from time to time when men are stressed, frequent erectile dysfunction could be signs of an underlying health condition that needs treatment. It could also be a sign of an emotional or relationship difficulty that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Of course, not all male sexual problems are caused by erectile dysfunction and other male sexual dysfunctions include premature ejaculation, delayed or absent ejaculation or lack of interest in sex. That said, some of the common symptoms of erectile dysfunction include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation as well as reduced interest in sex. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction and they include both emotional and physical disorders. Some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence include hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, damage from cancer or surgery, injury, obesity/overweight, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, drug use, alcohol as well as smoking.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is caused by decreased blood flow into the penis. Blood flow can be stimulated either by sexual thoughts or direct contact with the penis. It is also apparent that this condition increases with age. Erectile dysfunction can be treated and its treatment options include medications, therapies or changes in lifestyle.

For many years, there have been a negative association between smoking tobacco and erectile dysfunction because tobacco restricts the flow of blood in the veins and arteries. Therefore, because many people who smoke tobacco have more chances of developing erectile dysfunction. Because of this, many people have assumed that this could also be the case with smoking cannabis. Well, many doctors have disagreed with this assertion because the traditional literature on this subject is not yet up to date. More research needs to be done on the topic.

Research has suggested a positive link between medical marijuana and erectile dysfunction or impotence. According to a study that was carried in 2017 and published on Pub Med, introducing a compound in medical marijuana known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) may help in resolving any sexual dysfunction.

Nevertheless, researchers have argued that just like with alcohol, the dose of medical marijuana is an important factor to consider when looking into its effect on E.D. The truth is that like alcohol, consuming cannabis in small doses could boost an overall sexual performance in men because it lowers inhibitors while simultaneously stimulating desire. On the other hand, consuming more substantial amounts of marijuana could result in sexual problems like impotence as well as difficulty attaining orgasm.

It has also been revealed that the use of medications and therapies to treat erectile dysfunction could have adverse side effects, whereas using medical marijuana does not result in any side effects when done correctly. For instance, standard treatments like vacuum erection devices and Viagra can instead remove the anatomical structures that men require for erection, thereby impairing blood supply and damaging the nerves.

The use of medical cannabis in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence makes sense because psychological plays a significant role in impotence. This assertion can be explained by the fact that men suffering from erectile dysfunction often get performance anxiety which makes it difficult for them to achieve an erection. Nonetheless, in cases where erectile dysfunction is not caused by an underlying medical condition, the use of medical marijuana helps some men to relax and overcome their performance anxiety, thereby helping them achieve an erection. Besides, medical marijuana acts a mood booster to erectile dysfunction sufferers with no underlying medical condition.

There are many effective methods of administering medical marijuana as a treatment of erectile dysfunction. Some of such methods include vaporizing, smoking, as well as consuming edibles.


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