Treating Motion Sickness – The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Treating Motion Sickness With Medical Marijuana and the Best Strains For It.

Nausea aside, medical marijuana has also been proven to be effective in alleviating certain triggers and symptoms of motion sickness, including, pain, anxiety, headache, stress, drowsiness, and unease. Many advocates have also argued that medical marijuana is a safer alternative treatment for motion sickness because it doesn’t result in long term adverse side effects if consumed in the right dosage.

Motion sickness is a common disturbance of the inner ear that is usually caused by repeated motion from moving objects such as cars, ships and airplanes, etc. Although most of the symptoms of motion sickness come as a result of riding in an airplane, automobile, or amusement park ride, some studies have equally suggested that watching a 3D movie can also cause motion sickness.

This condition could start suddenly or progress from a feeling of uneasiness whenever you are in any of the modes of transportation. The condition usually quiets down as soon as the motion stops and the more one travels, the more he or she is likely to adjust from motion sickness.

It is worthy to note that motion is often sensed by the brain, via different pathways of the nervous system, including the ears, eyes, as well as the tissues on the surface of the body. Anyone who travels can get motion sickness, even though children and pregnant women are at a higher risk of getting it. According to statistics, motion sickness is rare in kids younger than two years old, whereas its prevalence is higher in women, children aged 5 to 12 years old, as well as in older adults.

The risk factors associated with motion sickness include anxiety and fear about travelling, inadequate ventilation inside a moving vehicle, as well as the inability to see outside through the window. The symptoms of motion sickness therefore often appear when the nervous system receives confusing messages from the sensory systems, including the inner ears, eyes, skin pressure receptors, as well as the muscle and joint sensory receptors. These symptoms could be mild or moderate and they typically include nausea, sweating, drooling, short breath, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, malaise as well as a general feeling of discomfort.

Of course, like many other health conditions, motion sickness could also result in complications such as physiologic vertigo and nausea with vomiting. Mild cases of motion sickness can be treated with home remedies such as ginger, tea and peppermint. Meanwhile, for more severe cases, medical attention is always required and medications including, promethazine, Scopolamine, Cyclizine, Dimenhydrinate, and Meclizine, etc can be used in treating the condition.

Many advocates of cannabis have suggested that medical marijuana could be an alternative safer treatment option for motion sicknesses. Several studies have equally proven that the plant could indeed be helpful in curbing the condition.

Treating Motion Sickness with Medical Cannabis

Can cannabis help treat Motion Sickness?

According to a study that was conducted by German researchers in 2010, the compounds and cannabinoids found in medical marijuana could be effective in preventing motion sickness. The researchers actually analyzed blood samples they took from human volunteers before parabolic flight manoeuvres, as well as during and after. The findings from this study indicated that the volunteers who became sick had lower endocannabinoid levels, whereas those who didn’t feel sick instead experienced a rise in their endocannabinoids levels. This study, therefore, provided the researchers the basis to conclude that cannaninoids found in the medical marijuana plant has the potential of preventing motion sickness.

Other studies have also provided shreds of evidences that medical marijuana could be effective in alleviating nausea, which is one of the symptoms of motion sickness. Research has actually revealed that CBD, which is one of the compounds in medical marijuana could effectively alleviate nausea. This assertion can however be backed by the fact that CBD treatments activate certain somatodendritic 5-HT (1A) receptors, thereby reducing the release of the chemical that triggers nausea.

It is evident that there is a need for more research on this subject as research will clearly reveal the extent to which the plant is effective, the exact dosage as well as the expected side effects.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Motion Sickness

Some of the best marijuana strains for motion sickness disease patients include:

Green crack
• Citrix
• Grand Master Kush
• Blueberry Lemonade
• Green Goddess
• Watermelon

How To Get a Med Marijuana Card for Motion Sickness

If you are a resident of a legal state and want medical marijuana to help treat Motion Sickness or other medical conditions, you will first need to consult with a certified doctor in order to get your med card. 

To get started, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit and a physician or clinic representative will contact you as available.


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