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Treating Rosacea With Medical Marijuana and the Best Strains For It.

The fact that the cannabinoids in medical cannabis have anti-inflammatory properties have made the plant patent for the treatment of rosacea, a condition characterized by inflammation. A study that was conducted in 2013 revealed that THC, one of the cannabinoids in medical marijuana was effective in reducing allergy-related inflammation. This therefore implies that medical marijuana is essential for treating inflammatory skin disorders.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that mostly affects the face. An estimated 14 million Americans are reported to suffer from the condition which mostly affects fair skinned people, notably middle aged women.

This condition typically causes redness, and visible blood vessels in the face. Rosacea may also produce small red, pus-filled bumps in the face. Most often, rosacea is misdiagnosed because it is often mistaken for acne, eczema or even skin allergy. Like acne and other skin allergies, the signs and symptoms of rosacea could flare up for weeks or months and then suddenly disappear.

The most common signs and symptoms of rosacea include facial redness, swollen red bumps, eye problems, and an enlarged nose. According to scientists, the cause of rosacea is still unknown, even though there are indications that it could be caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors.

Contrary to the myth that rosacea is caused by poor hygiene, several factors can actually trigger the flare-up of the condition. Such factors include consuming hot drinks/spicy foods, red wine/alcohol brewages, extreme temperatures, wind/sunlight, drugs that dilate blood vessels, different cosmetic products, emotions as well as exercises, etc.

The risk factors of developing rosacea include being over 30 years, being a woman, smoking, having light skin and above all, having a family history of the condition.

Rosacea rarely results in complications, but over time it’s possible for sufferers to develop a condition known as rhinophyma. Rhinophyma is a condition that is characterized by the build-up of tissue in and around the nose.

It should be noted that rosacea has no cure, and that explains why its treatment focus on controlling the signs and symptoms. The most common treatment of rosacea includes a combination of good skin care and prescription drugs, including topical drugs that reduce redness, oral acne drugs as well as oral antibiotics. Certain therapies such as laser and light based therapies may also help reduce the redness of enlarged blood vessels.

Treating Rosacea with Medical Cannabis

Can cannabis help treat Rosacea?

Recent findings have suggested that medical marijuana can be effective in the treatment of rosacea and it doesn’t matter whether it’s oral consumption or topical application.

Medical marijuana has also been reported to be effective in treating anxiety and depression, which are also some of the characteristics of rosacea. A 2012 study had reported that CBD, a cannabinoid in medical marijuana could be effective in treating anxiety and depression. Although this finding was based on another mechanism through which CBD benefits the endocannabinoid system, the findings could still apply to anxiety and depression caused by other conditions such as rosacea.

Moreover, there are also indications that medical marijuana could also treat other symptoms and consequences of rosacea, including sleeping problems as well as mental and emotional stress. Well, it is evident that there is more anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana could help sufferers of rosacea than empirical evidence. Thus, there is a need for more research on the subject.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Rosacea

Some of the best marijuana strains for Rosacea disease patients include:

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