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How to get a med marijuana card online using Telemedicine

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Washington DC

DC Marijuana Overview

  • How to get a medical marijuana card in Washington D.C.

  • How to renew your MedCard online using telehealth telemedicine.

  • The list qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Washington D.C.

  • Other rules and requirements for DC MMJ.

  • Marijuana dispensaries in Washington D.C.

  • Which cannabis menu products they carry.

What is Marijuana Telemedicine?

Washington DC – Telehealth gives patients the opportunity to visit with a marijuana card doctor to renew in Washington DC using your smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Qualified patients can get legal THC and CBD medicine for the treatment of several qualifying conditions.

If you’re ready, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit, and you’re on your way to a marijuana doctors appointment from the comfort of your living room or dining room table. You will receive an email with follow up details as well. See if you qualify today.

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Qualifying Conditions for Legal Medical Marijuana in Washington, DC

Although the city provides a list of qualifying medical conditions for non-life-threatening or non-debilitating conditions, in August 2014, legislation was passed that allows doctors to make their own determination in the case of terminal or debilitating conditions.

Washington D.C. qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include:

Marijuana In Washington DC - History

If you’re wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in Washington D.C., you’re not alone. At last report, by mid-2020, the number of medical marijuana patients in Washington D.C. was quickly approaching 7,000 patients.

Furthermore, card-carrying medical marijuana patients from 27 states across the U.S. can buy marijuana and other cannabis products at D.C. dispensaries. 

Sales of cannabis have been brisk since the program was launched seven years ago in 2013. Since then, the number of dispensaries has increased and the program has gone through some positive changes. And more potential changes are currently on the table including a rise in the limit on the number of marijuana plants cultivation centers are permitted to grow as well as onsite use at dispensaries. 

Although possession, cultivation, and non-medical personal use was legalized in 2015, D.C. has not yet implemented a recreational marijuana market. However, lawmakers in the nation’s capital have introduced two bills to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. However, the move would have to be approved by congress.

How does a patient get a medical marijuana card in Washington D.C.?

In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Washington D.C. patients must have a written recommendation from their primary practitioner. Dentists are also able to write recommendations.

The recommendation must state that the use of marijuana is a medical necessity for the treatment of specific issues and that the patient has been made aware of all potential side effects. 

Patients must be 18 years of age to obtain and possess medical marijuana. 

However, minors and patients who are unable to purchase or administer their own medicine may assign a caregiver to assist them. 

The caregiver can be a spouse, case manager/worker, domestic partner, health care practitioner, sibling, child, or close relative.

The process of applying is relatively simple. 

Before you apply for a card you must get approval from a qualified healthcare provider. 

See the section below on finding a medical marijuana doctor in Washington D.C. for a list of approved providers. 

In order to submit your application you’ll need the following items:

  • A written recommendation from your health care practitioner
  • A completed application packet
  • Identification and proof of residency 
  • A passport-style photo
  • An application fee of $100 

Low-income patients may qualify for a reduced fee of $25. 

Both online and printed applications are available. Links to applications and instructions can be found at the end of this article.

Applicants must be sure to select the proper application depending on which type of healthcare provider is responsible for their care as each form is different. 

Once you’re registered with the D.C. Department of Health, you’ll receive your medical marijuana card in the mail, generally within 10 business days.

Washinton DC MedCard Q&A
Other Important Information about Washington DC Marijuana Cards

How Much Does a Washington DC Medical Card Cost To Get From The District?

The standard application fee is $100, however certain patients with low income could qualify for a $25 reduced fee.

How much does a Recommending Marijuana Doctor in Washington DC Cost?

The Average Cost to visit a Certified Ordering Doctor is $100 – $200 for the initial visit and $75 – $150 for the follow up visit.

Can doctors prescribe medical marijuana?

Doctors are actually not permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. However, if they are registered by the state, a doctor can recommend medical marijuana and approve their patients for access to the drug.

When I get my DC MMJ card, can I grow my own marijuana?

Adults ages 21 and older can grow up to six cannabis plants in their home. 

In homes with several adults, residents are allowed to cultivate up to 12 plants, six of which can be mature.

Where can I find a marijuana doctor near me in DC? In order to approve a patient for a medical marijuana card in Washington D.C. the healthcare provider must have one of the following qualifications:
  • Physician (MD, DO)
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Dentist
  • Physician assistant
Check out our marijuana doctors map to see if any are listed near you, Or Get Started Now Here

Can DC medical marijuana doctors evaluate patients via video conference?

Telemedicine is the process of consulting with a healthcare provider via phone or video conference. 

Unfortunately, D.C. has not yet permitted the use of telemedicine for obtaining an initial medical marijuana recommendation.

New rules recently proposed by the District of Columbia Department of Health, now include telemedicine services for MedCard renewals in the city’s medical marijuana program.

However, for initial evaluations, many states have added telemedicine services under their medical marijuana programs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s possible that DC will follow their lead.

Do you need a medical marijuana card to buy marijuana in Washington D.C.?

Actually, because marijuana is legalized to some extent in Washington D.C., a medical marijuana card is not required to possess up to two ounces of marijuana. 

Interestingly, although there is currently no way to purchase marijuana at a dispensary in the city, gifting is permitted. What this means is that you can purchase a non-cannabis product that comes with a free gift of marijuana. Shops that offer this service are not hard to find.

This procedure was implemented to provide a legal way to purchase cannabis while the city works on creating its recreational market. 

That being said, there are some advantages to having a medical marijuana card. For starters, cardholders are able to purchase up to four ounces per month rather than being limited to just two.

Furthermore, if you are treating a legitimate medical condition with marijuana it’s really best to do so under the care of a physician who is experienced in the use of medical marijuana.

Washington DC Marijuana FAQ's

Frequently asked questions we receive regarding DC cannabis.

Can I Smoke Weed in Washington DC Once Qualified?

Yes. Marijuana for medical use in DC can be smoked in plant form or CBD & THC oils can be vaped.

Can I Take My Medical Marijuana to a Different State?

No. According to current laws patients who obtain a medical card should use medical marijuana in The District of Columbia only. Medical marijuana patients may face federal and local charges of transporting marijuana if they cross district lines with the drug. This is true even if the states between which they are traveling allow medical marijuana. Should you need to travel with your marijuana it would be best to contact the state’s Bureau of health to understand the exact laws of the state you are traveling to in order to not risk breaking the law.

Is Recreational Weed Legal?

Although possession, cultivation, and non-medical personal use was legalized in 2015, D.C. has not yet implemented a recreational marijuana market.

I see CBD Oils for sale on commercials, online, and at stores around town, is this CBD Oil legal in Washington DC?

Yes. CBD and all products containing CBD, as well as CBG, are legal in D.C. and can be purchased without restriction.

A medical marijuana card is not required to purchase CBD products including high-CBD hemp flower for smoking, vaporizing, and cooking. 

For some patients, CBD alone can provide relief of symptoms. However, a combination of CBD and THC usually works best for most patients. 

Medical marijuana dispensaries carry a wide range of strains ranging from high levels of THC to very little THC. Some marijuana strains also provide a balance of one-to-one CBD to THC.

Will CBD Oil, hemp, or cannabidiol get me high?

No. CBD is a product that has no THC if derived from hemp and very little if derived from cannabis. THC is the chemical compound that creates the “high”. CBD products are available for patients that have a need for non-euphoric treatment.

Is CBD for Pets really a thing?

Yes, CBD for Dogs, CBD for Cats, and CBD for pets in general is becoming a popular treatment for caring for pets that have arthritis, chronic pain and other ailments. The efficacy and safety of CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products.

Where can I get CBD for pets?

You can find CBD for pets at pet stores, retail and at holistic shops.

Are THC Infused edibles allowed in Washington DC?

Yes, marijuana edibles infused with THC are allowed.

What marijuana products are legally available in Washington DC?

Aside from dried cannabis flower for smoking, vaporizing, or cooking, the following cannabis products are also available at Washington D.C. dispensaries:

  • Concentrates such as wax and oil
  • Edibles such as candy or baked goods
  • Topical preparations such as creams, balms, ointments, and salves

Where can I buy medical marijuana in Washington DC?

As of the time of writing, D.C. has licensed eight cultivation centers and seven dispensaries.

Washington D.C. medical marijuana dispensaries:

  • Capital City Care
  • Metropolitan Wellness
  • Takoma Wellness
  • Herbal Alternatives
  • National Holistic Healing
  • Anacostia Organics
  • DC Holistic Wellness

Check out our dispensaries map here.

Can I use Medical Marijuana Anywhere?

Similar to all states, The District of Columbia medical cannabis card holders have to be responsible. It is important to remember that when smoking in public, it may be assumed that you are using it for recreational use, which is illegal on a Federal Level. DC medical marijuana card holders are advised to consume their medicine responsibly, in the safety of their home or in a private residence.

How Much Is Medical Marijuana in Washington DC?

The price range for medical cannabis in DC is around $16 per gram and about $120 per quarter.

Can patients order online and have marijuana delivered in D.C.?

Yes, there are several delivery services in D.C. where medical marijuana patients can order online and have their medicine delivered.

Patients may have products delivered to their home address only. 

A copy of the medical marijuana registration card and ID must be presented to the dispensary by the patient or their caregiver. 

Curbside pickup is also allowed with social distancing protocol at all seven of the dispensaries.

How much marijuana are patients permitted to purchase and what are the possession limits?

Patients are entitled to purchase up to 4 ounces of dried flower each month, or the equivalent amount of THC (about 1600 mg) in any other form of cannabis such as concentrates or edibles.

The dispensary is responsible for verifying that the patient has not gone over their monthly 4-ounce limit.

How Much Should I consume?

You should always consult with a DC marijuana doctor before using and that doctor will set the course of treatment.

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