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How to get a med marijuana card online using Telemedicine

How To Get a Massachusetts Marijuana Card Online

MA MedCard Telehealth gives patients the opportunity to visit with a marijuana card doctor online in Massachusetts using your smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Online appointments help reduce the spread and exposure of patients to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Qualified patients can get legal THC and CBD medicine for the treatment of several qualifying conditions.

Live marijuana telehealth appointments can be done from anywhere in the state online without having to leave the house. No travel, in person doctor office visit, or inconvenience. Your Massachusetts medical card will be issued after the doctors approval. It doesn’t get any more germ free than this!

If you’re ready, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form and press submit. Then create a login, and you’re on your way to a marijuana doctors appointment from the comfort of your living room or dining room table. You will receive an email with follow up details as well. See if you qualify today.

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The state’s medical marijuana program was born back in 2012 when voters approved the Question 3 ballot initiative, making Mass. the 18th US state to legalize medical marijuana. The law took effect on January 1, 2013. 

Then in November 2016, Massachusetts voters passed Question 4, officially legalizing the recreational use of marijuana by adults 21 and older. Although medical patients can easily purchase marijuana without a card, there are some benefits to having a medical marijuana card. For example, you don’t have to be 21 years old. 

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of the program and tell you how to get your Mass. medical marijuana card.

Massachusetts Qualifying Conditions for Legal Medical Marijuana

To qualify patients must be suffering from at least one ailment on the state’s list of qualifying conditions. The doctor can certify any medical condition including PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, PMS and Insomnia if they believe it can be helped with medical marijuana.

How to get a marijuana card Online in Massachusetts

Acquiring a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts is a fairly straightforward process. It begins by making an appointment to see a registered healthcare provider. Once you’re approved you’ll need to register with the state. 

Registration can easily be done online. However, if you can’t register online for some reason there is a process for obtaining a Mass. Medical Marijuana application and mailing it back along with your fee. Call (833) 869-6820 to request a paper registration form.

Once your doctor determines that you’re qualified for the program he or she will enter you into the state’s system and send you a PIN number. Once you have the PIN, you’ll be ready to register with the state to receive your Mass. medical marijuana card. 

Before you register there are some things you’ll need to gather such as proof of residency and a photo for your card. 

Valid forms of identification include:

  • Massachusetts driver’s license
  • Massachusetts official ID card
  • U.S. passport or military ID along with another document that proves your Massachusetts residency
  • Recent utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, cable, or heating oil) 
  • Motor vehicle registration card with your current address 
  • Tuition bill with a due date of less than 6 months 
  • Recent car insurance policy or bill
  • Home mortgage, lease or loan contracts dated within 6 months
  • Certified U.S. Marriage Certificate dated within the past 6 months
  • Property tax or excise tax bill for the current year 
  • First-class mail dated less than 60 days old from any federal or state agency
  • Current Massachusetts-issued Professional License 

Of course, the above proof-of-residency document must have your name and current address on them.

Photograph Requirements

You’re going to need to get a passport-style photo for your ID Card. You’ll have the option of using your driver’s license photo. If the system is able to retrieve you’re Mass. ID photo you won’t need to upload a photo. 

If the system can’t retrieve your photo you’ll need to provide one. Here are the requirements:

  • Your photo must be square 
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background 
  • Taken within the last 6 months 
  • Must reflect what you look like now
  • Showing only your head and the top of your shoulders
  • Looking directly at the camera held at eye level 
  • Both eyes open, and without eyewear or other headwear 

You can get a passport photo taken at drug stores that offer photo services. There are also mobile apps that will help you create your photo. As long as you follow the above criteria you can take the photo yourself. 

Before you get started on your application you should gather together your electronic documents such as your photo and your proof of residency. Once you have your PIN and you’ve gathered your documents you’re ready to register as a patient.  

Click here to register with the state for your Mass. medical marijuana card.

Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program

Let’s just right into the rules and regulations that you should be aware of if you intend to get your Mass. medical marijuana card. 

  • Possession limits Mass. residents are permitted to carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana (not in your car) and can have up to 10 ounces at home. Anything over 1 ounce must be locked up. Also, medical marijuana cardholders are only permitted to purchase up to 10 ounces of marijuana every two months.
  • Public use – The use of marijuana in public is forbidden in Massachusetts. Although it’s not a criminal activity, it can result in a ticket and a hefty fine. Moreover, marijuana is still federally illegal so you certainly don’t want to get caught with it on federal property such as a national park. 
  • Growing – All Massachusetts residents age 21 or older are permitted to cultivate marijuana at home and may grow up to 6 plants. However, if you live with other legal adults you are allowed to grow up to 12 plants. Grow spaces must be secured under lock and key and must have an active security device such as an alarm. Furthermore, your plants may not be in plain sight from any public place. 
  • Renters – Landlords in Massachusetts are permitted to forbid the use or cultivation of marijuana on their property. If there’s no provision in your lease saying that it’s forbidden then you’re probably good to grow. 
  • Caregivers – You have the option of designating a personal caregiver to assist you with growing, purchasing, and administering medical marijuana. Caregivers must be at least 21 years of age and must register as a licensed caregiver. Patients may name up to 2 personal caregivers. There are currently more than 7,000 registered medical marijuana caregivers in Mass.
  • Reciprocity – Medical marijuana cards issued in other states are not valid in Massachusetts. However, anyone 21 or older can purchase “recreational” marijuana in the state of Massachusetts. 
  • Drugged driving – The penalties for driving stoned are similar to those of driving drunk in Massachusetts. Furthermore, you’re not allowed to carry an open container of marijuana in the passenger area of your car. It needs to be either in a locked glove box or trunk. 
  • Dispensaries – There are currently around 50 licensed dispensaries (RMDs) in Massachusetts.
  • Fees – The Massachusetts medical marijuana card fee is $50. This doesn’t include your doctor’s fees. It can be paid with a credit or debit card or via electronic check. If you have a financial hardship, you may be qualified for a waiver of the fee. Acceptable forms of payment include a credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer for which you’ll need to provide your bank account number and bank routing number.
  • Renewal – Your card is good for one year from the date of issue. You can re-apply up to 60 days before the expiration date.  
  • Lost or stolen card – If you lose your card you can get it replaced. The cost of a replacement card is $10. You should notify the state within five business days if you discover your card is lost, stolen, or destroyed by calling (833) 869-6820.

Massachusetts MedCard Q&A
Other Important Information about MA Marijuana Cards

How Much Does a Massachusetts Medical Card Cost To Get From The State?


How much does a Recommending Marijuana Doctor in Massachusetts Cost?

The Average Cost to visit a Certified Ordering Doctor is $100 – $200 for the initial visit and $75 – $150 for the follow up visit.

Can doctors prescribe medical marijuana?

Doctors are actually not permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. However, if they are registered by the state, a doctor can recommend medical marijuana and approve their patients for access to the drug.

When I get my MA MMJ card, can I grow my own marijuana?

Yes, all residents 21 and older may grow up to six plants.

Where can I find a marijuana doctor near me in MA?

Check out out marijuana doctors map to see if any are listed near you.

Can I get a marijuana doctor’s appointment online using my Apple?

Yes, the state is allowing telehealth telemedicine online to help prevent the spread of infectious disease..

Massachusetts Marijuana FAQ's

Frequently asked questions we receive regarding MA cannabis.

Can I Smoke Weed in Massachusetts Once Qualified?


Can I Take My Medical Marijuana to a Different State?

No. According to current laws patients who obtain a medical card should use medical marijuana in Massachusetts only. Medical marijuana patients may face federal and local charges of transporting marijuana if they cross state lines with the drug. This is true even if the states between which they are traveling allow medical marijuana. Should you need to travel with your marijuana it would be best to contact the state’s Bureau of health to understand the exact laws of the state you are traveling to in order to not risk breaking the law.

Is Recreational Weed Legal?


I see CBD Oils for sale on commercials, online, and at stores around town, is this CBD Oil legal in Massachusetts?

Hemp derived CBD oil is legal.

Will CBD Oil, hemp, or cannabidiol get me high?

No. CBD is a product that has no THC if derived from hemp and very little if derived from cannabis. THC is the chemical compound that creates the “high”. CBD products are available for patients that have a need for non-euphoric treatment.

Is CBD for Pets really a thing?

Yes, CBD for Dogs, CBD for Cats, and CBD for pets in general is becoming a popular treatment for caring for pets that have arthritis, chronic pain and other ailments. The efficacy and safety of CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products.

Where can I get CBD for pets?

You can find CBD for pets at pet stores, retail and at holistic shops.

Are THC Infused edibles allowed in Massachusetts?


What marijuana products are legally available in Massachusetts?

All forms of cannabis are legal in Massachusetts including dried flower, oils, tinctures, vape, edibles, and topical skin creams among others.

Where can I buy medical marijuana in Massachusetts?

Many cities and town in Massachusetts host marijuana dispensaries, especially in the larger cities such as Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Lowell, and Springfield. However, all municipalities have the option of opting out of the program and banning dispensaries within their borders, so you might have to travel a bit to find one. Fortunately, however, home delivery is also permitted in Massachusetts and many marijuana dispensaries will take your order online and bring your medication right to your door.

Can I use Medical Marijuana Anywhere?

Similar to all states Massachusetts medical cannabis card holders have to be responsible. It is important to remember that when smoking in public, it may be assumed that you are using it for recreational use, which is illegal on a Federal Level. Massachusetts medical marijuana card holders are advised to consume their medicine responsibly, in the safety of their home or in a private residence.

How Much Is Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts?

The price range for medical cannabis in MA is around $10 per gram and $125-$225 per ounce.

How Much Should I consume?

You should always consult with a Massachusetts marijuana doctor before using and that doctor will set the course of treatment.


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