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A Massachusetts MedCard is a state issued ID card that enables certified patients to legally purchase cannabis based THC and CBD products for treatment from state licensed dispensaries. Yes, recreational weed for adult use is available, so what’s the difference? For starters, the cost, it’s much cheaper. Keep reading for more details. To get started, patients need get certified by a medical marijuana doctor, which can be done online using MedCard telemedicine.

To get a marijuana card in Washington from your cell phone, tablet, or home computer, have any qualifying condition a medical card doctor believes cannabis may help treat. Only pay if approved. Patients who have been approved by a MMJ doctor online will get their medical marijuana card from the state. See if you qualify today!

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5 Reasons to get a Med Marijuana card in Washington

With Adult Use Recreational Cannabis now legal in Mass, why bother?

#1 – TAXES, roughly 20% tax for recreational marijuana users

The same reasons the tea went overboard, is the same reason to get certified for medical marijuana…Taxes.

Washington medical marijuana card holders pay no state sales tax on dispensary purchases. The Massachusetts sales tax rate is 6.25%. The state adds a 10.75% tax on all recreational marijuana purchases in addition to the 3% local tax a city or town may charge.

#2 – Medical marijuana cardholders get preference over recreational users

The state of Massachusetts requires that 35% of medical grade cannabis be reserved for MMJ patients. This provides better variety and access to quality cannabis products.

#3 – Marijuana Deliveries RX is available

Medical marijuana products can be delivered to your door in Washington, recreational marijuana products can not be delivered. It’s a benefit reserved for Massachusetts medical marijuana patients.

#4 – Infused Edibles in Washington have THC limits for rec users.

Recreational cannabis stores can only sell edibles that contain a MAXIMUM of 5mg of THC. That is not the case for medical.

#5 – Age limits

18 years old for medical, 21 years or older to purchase cannabis at a recreational marijuana shop.

Old High People in Mass


Washington Marijuana Card Q&A

How much does a marijuana card cost from the state?

  • $50

How much does it cost to visit a marijuana MedCard doctor online?

  • The cost to get a marijuana card in Washington, MA is about $149. There is no charge if you do not qualify. That’s less than tax on a dispensary trip or 2.

How long is it good prior to having to renew?

  • 1 Year

Where can I buy marijuana in Washington?

Once I have my MA marijuana card, can I grow weed at home?

  • YesAll Massachusetts residents age 21 or older are permitted to cultivate marijuana at home and may grow up to 6 plants.
  • If you live with other legal adults you are allowed to grow up to 12 plants.
  • Grow spaces must be secured under lock and key and must have an active security device such as an alarm.
  • Cannabis plants may not be in plain sight from any public place.

How much can I possess with a card?

  • Mass. residents are permitted to carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana (not in your car) and can have up to 10 ounces at home. Anything over 1 ounce must be locked up. Also, medical marijuana cardholders are permitted to purchase up to 10 ounces of marijuana every two months.

Can I get fired for having legal THC in my system?

CBD, is hemp CBD in Washington legal, and where can I buy it online

  • Yes, for more details regarding CBD in Massachusetts, please check out the Complete Guide to CBD in MA
  • Where to find the best CBD products online?

How Much Should I consume?

  • We are not doctors and do not give medical advice. Please consult with an qualified medical marijuana card doctor near you in Washington or online before using.

If you have any further questions or want to learn more, please refer to the Massachusetts Guide to Medical Marijuana.

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