Get a Marijuana Card in Norphlet, AR

An Arkansas marijuana card, or MedCard gives qualified patients access to shop for medical grade cannabis products at local dispensaries throughout the state. Below details how to get or renew a marijuana card in Norphlet.

To help patients in Norphlet, medical marijuana card doctors are using online telehealth consultations that can be done over your cell phone, tablet, or home computer. The easiest way to get certified is to complete the patient registration form below, press submit, and your on your way to visit with a doctor online using telemedicine.

Norphlet patients who have been approved will receive their marijuana ID card from the state. See if you qualify today!

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Qualifying Conditions for Marijuana in Norphlet

Patients may be entered into the Arkansas Department of Health Registry if they first are diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition from a licensed doctor. They will provide you with a written certificate to get your AR marijuana card.

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Steps to get a Marijuana Card in Norphlet

  1. Get qualified by a medical marijuana doctor. Complete the patient registration for above or find one here. The next step is for the Patient to go online to the Arkansas Department of Health Registry and apply online to get a marijuana card in Norphlet by following the next steps below.
  2. You will need the Physician Written Certification from the doctor, an Arkansas-issued ID or driver’s license, required fees and an email address.
  3. Then go here create an account in the AMMS online system. Click on Apply to Be a Patient. Then Click on Register as a new user.
  4. Create a login with your email address and password for the system that you can remember.
  5. You should receive a “Confirm Your Account” e-mail. If you can’t locate the email, look for it in your SPAM or TRASH. Once you’ve confirmed, you may start your application.

Filling Out The Application:

  1. Complete ALL required information. Your name and address must match what is on your Arkansas-issued ID or driver’s license and Physician written certification.
  2. Upload a copy of your official Physician Written Certification form (signed by your physician) and your Arkansas-issued ID or driver’s license.
  3. Scan the document(s) to your computer or take a clear picture of your document(s) with your phone or camera
  4. Click the upload button on the AR marijuana card application and select the file on your computer that you named and click Start Upload.
  5. If you are not able to upload your forms, you have the option to mail them in to complete the application.
  6. Finishing The Application and Pay
  7. Sign your application for an Arkansas medical ID card using your mouse or finger.

All set, click the Submit button. You’re finished!

Arkansas MedCard

If you have any further questions after reading this check out the full Arkansas MedCard Guide or the Complete Guide to CBD in Arkansas.


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