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Medical cannabis is legal in Walden. Medical marijuana cards, or Medcards, are issued by the state of New York following the doctors approval. After getting certified by a recommending doctor, a NY medical card provides access to shop at local dispensaries. This gives qualified patients access to buy medical grade cannabis based THC and CBD products. A debilitating medical condition found on the state’s list is required to get a medical marijuana card in Walden.

Live medical card doctors are conducting appointments using Virtual Consultations over your cell phone, tablet, or home computer. It is now possible to renew or get your marijuana card in Walden without having to leave the house, or on lunch break. Patients who have been approved by a MMJ doctor online will receive their MedCard from the state. See if you qualify today!

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Qualifying Conditions for Marijuana in Walden

You may be eligible for medical marijuana in Walden if you have been diagnosed with one or more of these qualifying medical conditions listed by the state. Some conditions including depression and anxiety can be linked to other listed conditions such as PTSD.

If you have a condition for which an opioid prescription is an option you may opt to try medical cannabis instead. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TRY OPIOIDS 1ST.

Med Marijuana Products

NY Medical Marijuana FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to get a NY MedCard Online?

The current price to get a medical card in Walden is around $149. This is done online using MedCard Telehealth. Complete the registration form above to get started.

How long is the certification good for?

NY MMJ certifications are good for 1 year.

When I get my medical card, can I grow my own marijuana?


Where can I find a marijuana doctor near me in Walden?

Look our marijuana doctors near me map.

Where to buy medical marijuana in NY?

Medical medical is available at open cannabis stores. There are many located in the state. Look on our dispensaries near me map or visit Nationwide Dispensaries/NY.

How Much medical marijuana are you allowed to purchase in New York?

Qualified patients are permitted to purchase up to a 30-day supply of med marijuana products as set by their recommending physician.

What Products Are Available Near Me In Walden?

  • Capsules, tablets, and lozenges containing THC or full spectrum cannabis oil
  • Metered liquid or oil preparations for vape pens or oral use
  • Dried flower for vaping (aka marijuana buds)
  • Skin creams
  • Transdermal patches

New York’s medical marijuana laws prohibit the smoking of marijuana or concentrates as well as infused edibles.

Is CBD in Walden legal, and where can I buy it online?

Hemp based CBD products can be purchased at shops throughout the state. They can also be purchased online and delivered to your home. A medical recommendation is not required to purchase CBD products. CBD oil and products made from hemp is essentially devoid of THC, so it’s non-intoxicating.

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Where do I go to shop for CBD products online?

If you have any further questions after reading this check out the full New York MedCard Guide.

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