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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Bexley

Bexley, OH – Medical marijuana in Ohio is legal, under House Bill 523, effective on September 8, 2016. The program is now issuing medical marijuana cards, or MedCards. If you live in Bexley and are interested in getting a medical marijuana ID card, this handbook will give you all the information that you need. Go to the Complete Guide for Ohio here for more information if needed. A MedCard is required to get legal processed cannabis under Ohio law from a licensed dispensary location. This guide will walk you through the steps and answer questions that have come up about how to get a medical marijuana card in Bexley.

The process on how to get a medical marijuana card in Bexley is as follows:

STEP 1 – Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor near Bexley

A doctor, physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse must certify your condition.

  • Locate and contact a certified medical marijuana doctor that will speak with you in regard to recommending medical marijuana.
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor, physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse.
  • Recommendations for cannabis must come from and be submitted by an Ohio state-licensed and currently practicing physician.
  • You must establish a doctor patient relationship with the recommending physician.

STEP 2 – Complete Form

  • The complete physician recommendation for medical marijuana must be submitted to the Board of Pharmacy within 90 days of the diagnosis that states you have a qualify for marijuana in Ohio. The doctors office is responsible for filling out the complete registration form and they will submit it to the state of Ohio Board of Pharmacy for review.
  • Pay the application fee to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. The recommending doctors office will notify you the cost. The application fee has not been disclosed by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, MMCP.
  • Proof of residency is required & will be submitted at the same time as the physician’s recommendation form. Acceptable forms for proof of residency are:
    • A valid Ohio driver’s license
    • A valid Ohio identification card issued through the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles(BMV)
    • A valid U.S. passport or passport card.

STEP 3 – Get Your MedCard

  • If approved, you will be added to the Ohio MMCP Registry, and will receive your medical marijuana card.
  • Congratulations! You are now officially registered with the program.


OH Marijuana Cards Questions & Answers

1. How Much Does a Medical ID Card Cost To Get From The State?

$50 annually for patients and $25 for caregivers.

2. How much does a visit to a Marijuana Doctor in Bexley Cost?

The Average Cost to visit a certifying doctor is $200-$300. This service is typically a cash only option.

3. Can You Pay Using a Credit Card?


4. How Long Is My Marijuana Card Good For?

Your medical ID card will be valid from the date of issuance for 1 year and will expire on the last day of the month the card was issued. The Board of Pharmacy will send notification to each patient 45 calendar days before the expiration date on the card.

5. Does Ohio recognize medical cards issued in other states? 

Currently, there is no reciprocity for out of state marijuana cards. The law does require that the Board of Pharmacy attempt in good faith to negotiate and enter into reciprocity agreements with other states. If Ohio does enter into a reciprocity agreement with another state, the information will be posted here.

6. Once I have my Ohio MedCard, where can I buy marijuana?

As they open, locations of dispensaries near Bexley can be found on or you can quickly find the location of the dispensary near you on our map:

7. Where can I find a recommending medical marijuana doctor in Bexley, OH? 

Find one on our map by clicking the link below or fill out the registration form on the site & one will contact you.

 8. Once I have my OH MMJ card, can I grow my own marijuana?


Ohio Debilitating Qualifying Conditions List

What are the Debilitating Conditions That Qualify in Bexley for Medical Marijuana?

Get Certified in Bexley for Medical Cannabis

Need a Medical Card? Let us help by starting here.

For potential medical marijuana patients in Bexley, we are now offering the service that makes it easy to connect with a recommending doctor near you. You will also receive updates & news relative to medical marijuana in general. If you are interested please fill out the MMJ patient registration form and a clinic representative will contact you as available. Legal Residents Only.

Ohio Marijuana Registration Form

CBD THC Doctors Link

Med marijuana dispensaries link.Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Example

Ohio Marijuana FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about medical marijuana, CBD, edibles, laws, recreational weed, travel & more:

Who Can Use Medical Marijuana in Bexley?

  • Patients that have registered and been issued their MedCard.

Will I Be Allowed to Smoke Weed Once Qualified?

  • The law prohibits the use of medical marijuana by smoking or combustion, although does allows for vaporizing & vaping.

What are the allowable forms of marijuana.

  • Cannabis products will be available in a variety of indica, sativa & hybrid strains in raw plant form. Processed MMJ will be available in CBD Oil Cartridges, THC Oil Cartridges for vape pens, tinctures, edibles, and trans-dermal patches.

How much cannabis can I buy as a legal patient?

According to the Ohio Administrative Code, a patient or their caregiver can purchase  a 90 day supply of “whole day units”. A whole day unit is defined under state law as:

  • One-tenth of an ounce (2.83 grams) of plant material
  • 295 mg of THC contained in a patch, lotion, cream, or ointment
  • 110 mg of THC contained in an oil, tincture, capsule, or edible for oral administration
  • 590 mg of THC contained in oil for vaporization

For more information for the limits of how much can be possessed, check the state’s official medical marijuana quantity/possession limits here.

Can I use Medical Marijuana Anywhere?

  • Similar to all states, once legislative action is taken, Ohio medical cannabis card holders have to be responsible. It is important to remember that when smoking in public it may be assumed that you are using it for recreational use which is illegal on a Federal Level. Ohio medical marijuana card holders are advised to consume their medicine responsibly in the safety of their home or in a private residence.

Can I Take My Medical Marijuana to a Different State?

    • No. According to current laws patients who obtain a medical card should use medical marijuana in Ohio only. Medical marijuana patients may face federal and local charges of transporting marijuana if they cross state lines with the drug.


What is the difference between CBD & THC?

  • Psychoactive Vs. Non-Psychoactive. THC creates a euphoric effect due to the way it connects to the bodies endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system has been recently recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. Cannabidiol, or CBD reacts differently and is used with patients that require or prefer non euphoric care.

I see CBD Oils, Edibles, Topicals, & Gummies for sale online, in commercials and signs at specialty shops around town, is CBD Oil legal Ohio?

  • Hemp CBD oil which is derived from the hemp plant is legal throughout the United States. That is what is being advertised and sold in stores and online. More & more people are embracing the cannabidiol lifestyle choice and as a dietary supplement. You need a Ohio marijuana card to legally get the cannabis derived low-THC high-CBD medicines from a local dispensary.

 Will CBD products or Hemp Oil get me high?

  • No. CBD is a product that has no THC if derived from hemp and very little if derived from cannabis and properly manufactured. THC is the chemical compound that creates the “high”. CBD products are available for patients that have a need for non-euphoric treatment.

CBD for Pets, really?

  • Yes, CBD for Dogs, CBD for Cats, and CBD for pets in general is becoming a popular treatment for caring for pets that have arthritis, chronic pain and other ailments. The efficacy and safety of CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products.

Where can I get CBD for pets?

Are THC Infused edibles allowed in Bexley?

  • Yes, marijuana edibles are legal in Ohio under state law.

I Recently Read An Article That Recreational Weed Was Legal In Bexley. Is This True?

  • No. Recreational Marijuana and Recreational Dispensaries Are NOT LEGAL in Bexley or anywhere else in the state – These Articles are Fake News.

How Much Should I consume?

  • We are not doctors and do not give medical advise. Please consult with an licensed OH marijuana doctor before using.

If you have any further questions after reading this or our full guide, you can contact the MMCP program at:

Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program

77 South High Street, 17th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 466-4143