How to Get a Marijuana Card in Pine Island, TX

Medical cannabis is legal in Pine Island. Texas marijuana cards, or MedCards are not being issued by the state just yet. Instead, certifying marijuana doctors give out cannabis prescriptions in accord with state law to give qualified patients access to buy cannabis based products from TX Dispensaries. Below is how to get or renew a medical marijuana certification in Pine Island.

To help patients become eligible for Low THC High CBD medical marijuana products, Texas Doctors now use telemedicine online to conduct a face to face consultations over your cell phone, tablet, or home computer. Skipping the trip to the doctor’s clinic all together helps cut down exposure to the germs running around. Patients who have been approved will have their MMJ prescription entered in the Compassionate Use Registry Of Texas (CURT) system by the doctor. See if you qualify today!

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Qualifying Conditions for Marijuana in Pine Island

The list of medical conditions to qualify for the Texas MMJ program has expanded to include:

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Pine Island Marijuana Card Q&A

How Much Does it cost to get a Texas medical marijuana card in Pine Island

  • Texas does not issue TX MedCards, the issue cannabis certificates, or prescriptions.
  • There is no state charge to be registered with the CURT for a cannabis prescription.

What is the CURT?

Where can I find a doctor?

    • The state has a list of Texas MMJ Doctors on its website.
    • Locate doctors online on our Near Me Map

Who can grow and sell cannabis?

Does Pine Island have open dispensaries?

Once I am legal, can I grow my own marijuana in Pine Island?

  • NO

Are infused marijuana edibles allowed?

  • Edibles are available in very limited forms

CBD, is hemp CBD in Pine Island legal, and where can I buy it online?

Where to find and shop for CBD products online?

How Much Should I consume?

  • We are not doctors and do not give medical advice. Please consult with an qualified medical marijuana card doctor near you or online before using.

If you have any further questions or want to learn more, please refer to the Texas Guide to Medical Marijuana.

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