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The RSO FAQ: About Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil, aka RSO, is one of the most well-known medical marijuana preparations in existence. But just how much do you know Rick Simpson and his concentrated cannabis extract? In this post, we’ll go over what RSO is used for, how RSO is used, and where to buy RSO. Also check out “How to make Rick Simpson Oil at home,” for instructions on making your own RSO.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson was born in 1949 in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is a self-described “ordinary man.” Simpson worked for years as an engineer in the medical field until he was sidelined with a debilitating head injury. He began to suffer post-concussion syndrome, which caused a constant ringing in his ears and made his life unmanageable. 

Simpson’s doctor prescribed the standard medications for his condition but Rick found the side-effects made his symptoms worse. Then, in 1999, he stumbled upon a T.V. documentary about medical marijuana and it piqued his curiosity. He asked a friend if he would give him a joint. 

After indulging in the substance he felt greater relief from his symptoms than he’d experienced with the prescribed medications without the dreaded side-effects. Simpson was further inspired by a publication in The Journal of National Cancer Institute in which a study concluded that THC killed cancer in mice. 

This revelation compelled him to ask his doctor for a marijuana card prescription. The doctor denied his request and Rick resumed his standard medication regime.

When his symptoms worsened through the subsequent years Simpson knew he had to take matters into his own hands. He remembered the relief he experienced from smoking the joint and decided to start cultivating his own cannabis plants and to learn how to make his own cannabis oil.

When Simpson began dosing himself daily with small amounts of his concoction he noticed a cessation of his symptoms. In addition to the lessening of symptoms, he also experienced improved sleeplower blood pressure, and relief from constant pain. He was finally able to live a normal life.

In 2003 Simpson was dealt another blow with a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma — a dangerous form of skin cancer — on his face. He underwent surgery, but cancer returned a few weeks later.

Simpson once again took matters into his own hands and began applying his oil directly to the affected area and his carcinoma completely disappeared after four days. When he delivered the great news to his doctor he was summarily dismissed and told it was an impossible feat.

Rick continued on his own healing path, bolstered by his own positive experience.  Over the course of the next year, he shared his oil with 50-60 people suffering from a range of skin problems. In fact, a year after his own recovery he offered his oil to a man with inoperable melanoma. In three weeks the man showed no symptoms of the deadly disease.

Rick Simpson has shared his healing oil with more than 5,000 patients since 2003, with astounding results. Many RSO users claim to have found relief from diabetes, melanoma, cancer, chronic pain, leukemia, and viral infections with the administration of his extract. 

Rick reported that 70 percent of the cancer patients using his oil experienced total remission from the disease. The patients whose cancer was too advanced to be cured found relief in the final stages of their life and were able to die with far less pain and far more dignity.

In spite of his good work and intentions, Rick was frequently harassed by law enforcement and was ultimately imprisoned for his acts of mercy. He was categorized as a common drug dealer and treated like a criminal, although he gave away his oil freely, and only for medical purposes. 

Upon his release from prison, Simpson left Canada. He now resides in Europe, where he still makes his oil for those in need. He has never sought monetary compensation for his product or attempted to patent his method.

Rick Simpson Oil Syringes

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil, aka RSO, is a concentrated cannabis extract with a high cannabinoid content. Classic RSO is generally made with Indica-dominant strains because they contain higher levels of CBD. However, RSO can be made from any strain of cannabis that contains high levels of THC and/or CBD

RSO is commonly referred to as a full-spectrum extract because it contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes (aromatic oils) found in the original plant. However, a large percentage of the terpenes can evaporate in the RSO production process.

Where can I buy Rick Simpson Oil?

Authentic Rick Simpson Oil may be challenging to find if you don’t live in a state where cannabis products are legal. Many medical marijuana dispensaries in United States, including Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania carry RSO or a similar product. In some states, patients can buy RSO online.

These products may not be of the same quality or potency as the original RSO. However, cannabis concentrates in general are believed to be highly effective at relieving many conditions. 

How is RSO used?

Simpson believes the oil has the most impact when delivered directly to the tumor. RSO can be applied directly onto skin carcinomas, or it can be ingested for systemic use, or used as a suppository for colorectal cancers. (Smoking RSO is not advisable, as it can be highly irritating to the lungs and cause chronic bronchitis.) 

When using RSO topically, use just enough to cover the affected area. Cover the area with a bandage. Do this once or twice a day.

RSO can be taken orally. However it can taste awful. Cannabis concentrates can also be used in cooking. Many patients prefer to add RSO to food instead of taking it straight. RSO can also be used to make suppositories. Keep in mind that high THC RSO can cause severe intoxication when eaten or used as a suppository.  

Check out this article for more information on how to use cannabis concentrates such as RSO.

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