How to get a med marijuana card online using Telemedicine

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How to get a Washington medical marijuana card

The first step toward obtaining a Washington medical marijuana card is to receive approval from a qualified medical marijuana doctor. Upon approval, patients can visit any medically endorsed marijuana dispensary to where a certified consultant will then enter the patient into a medical marijuana database. The patient will receive a medical marijuana card that enables them to shop at Washington marijuana dispensaries or to grow a limited number of marijuana plants at home.

Washington medical marijuana doctors

Medical marijuana doctors in Washington “may authorize the use of marijuana for any patient as long as it’s medically appropriate under state law and the profession’s standard of care.” 

Qualifying patients who believe they would benefit from the use of medical marijuana may see any of the following types of healthcare practitioners licensed in Washington:

  • Medical doctor (MD)
  • Physician assistant (PA)
  • Osteopathic physician (DO)
  • Osteopathic physician assistant (DOA)
  • Naturopathic physician
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP)

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Washington medical marijuana qualifying conditions

According to the Department of Health, the qualifying medical conditions for a Washington medical marijuana card are as follows:

Furthermore, patients with terminal or debilitating medical conditions may be approved at the physician’s discretion.

Mental health conditions do not qualify.

Age Limits

For patients younger than 18, a parent or guardian must purchase and administer medical marijuana Washington. Both the patient and the parent or guardian will need to be entered into the state’s medical marijuana authorization database.


Washington medical marijuana patients can assign one caregiver or “designated provider.” Caregivers may only serve one patient at a time. Caregivers must be 21 years of age or older.

Med Card Telemed Doctor


Washington medical marijuana doctors may examine patients via telemedicine only to renew a medical marijuana card. Telemedicine is not permitted for initial examinations. 

Patient Privacy

State law strictly limits who can view database information and how the information can be used. Only medical marijuana doctors can access their patients’ healthcare information from the database. Law enforcement officials may only verify that a card is valid.


Washington state does not accept medical marijuana cards from out of state. However, any visitor 21 years of age or older may purchase marijuana at any of the state’s dispensaries without a medical marijuana card.

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