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How to Get a Medical Card in 2019

United States –  A medical marijuana card, or MedCard is a state issued ID card that provides qualified patients access to medical cannabis. As a resident of the state, it can be complicated to figure out what the rules and laws are in your state. in 2019, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states as well as Washington DC in some capacity, allowing patients that qualify safe access to cannabis for treatment of their debilitating conditions. Some states make it easy on patients to access THC & CBD medicines, and some really do not. There are several that have passed laws however it almost seems like backwards progress on implementation, Ohio, Arkansas, North Dakota, get it moving. Others are speeding forward, Oklahoma.

Then come the states, mostly the southern ones that have not embraced medical marijuana at all. With Florida leading the way, these other states are expected to follow. Baby steps for some, giant cash machines for others, however it really comes down to the patients that need access.

Due to the fact that marijuana is still federally illegal, every state with legalized medical cannabis has created their own individual set of laws and legislation to govern their states cannabis industries. There are many similarities between states, and some drastic differences, no two states laws are exact. This means that each legal state has different regulations for how medical patients acquire a recommendation, how patients get a medical marijuana card, possession amounts, usable forms of cannabis, recommending medical marijuana doctors & dispensaries. Many states have set up their own agencies to oversee their MMJ programs.

Put your mind at ease, it’s going to be OK! We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. MedCard has gone state to state putting together an up to date 2018 comprehensive guide detailing how to get your medical marijuana card in each state. This includes How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card Full Guide By State, Q&A, FAQ, Medical Marijuana Doctors & Open Dispensary Locations.

We thank you for being on the site. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way to getting a MedCard in your state. If you live in a state that is behind the times, please hang in there. We thank you for being on the site, it’ll all work out. 

We've put together state-by-state guides for how to get a medical marijuana card:

Alabama  *  Alaska  *  Arizona  *  Arkansas  *  California  *  Colorado  *  Connecticut  *  Delaware  *  Florida  *  Georgia  *  Hawaii  *  Idaho  *  Illinois  *  Indiana  *  Iowa  *  Kansas  *  Kentucky  *  Louisiana  *  Maine  *  Maryland  *  Massachusetts  *  Michigan  *  Minnesota  *  Mississippi  *  Missouri  *  Montana  *  Nebraska  *  Nevada  *  New Hampshire  *  New Jersey  *  New Mexico  *  New York  *  North Carolina  *  North Dakota  *  Ohio  *  Oklahoma  *  Oregon  *  Pennsylvania  *  Rhode Island  *  South Carolina  *  South Dakota  *  Tennessee  *  Texas  *  Utah  *  Vermont  *  Virginia  *  Washington State  *  Washington DC  *  West Virginia  *  Wisconsin  *  Wyoming  *  Puerto Rico

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