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CBD for Antioxident

CBD Antioxidant Properties

The powerful antioxidant properties of CBD CBD’s antioxidant properties have been strongly confirmed by researchers.  What exactly is an antioxidant?  What role does CBD play in helping the body destroy dangerous compounds known as free radicals that can cause diseases including cancer?  In this post, we’ll examine the processes and causes of oxidative stress and

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CBD Oil for Treating PMS Symptoms

CBD for treating PMS Symptoms Can CBD oil help relieve the symptoms of PMS?  Studies and first-hand reports have shown CBD to relieve the most common symptoms. Common PMS symptoms include anxiety and depression, cramping, headaches, and insomnia. Is CBD effective and safe for treating the symptoms of PMS? Share on email Share on facebook

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Marijuana Treats Chronic Pain

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Chronic Pain?

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Chronic Pain? Did you know that chronic pain is actually the number one reason cited for applying for a medical marijuana card? In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain. We will also present some of the evidence

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Marijuana and Parkinsons

Treating Parkinson’s Disease With Marijuana

Treating Parkinson’s Disease With Marijuana Can Parkinson’s disease patients benefit from a medical marijuana regimen and alleviate the discomfort and pain of its debilitating symptoms? “In addition to symptom management,” states one report, “cannabis may also slow down the neurodegenerative processes that ultimately lead to chronic disability…”  In this article, we will discuss the utilization

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CBD Dosing

CBD Dosage Guide

CBD dosage Guide Determining the correct CBD dosage for your needs can be daunting. In this post, we’re going to talk about the various medical conditions for which people use CBD, which CBD products are suggested for certain types of conditions, and what the recommended dosages of CBD are for particular conditions.  Share on email

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Medical Cannabis for PMS

How Medical Marijuana Helps Treat PMS

How Medical Marijuana Helps Treat PMS & Best Strains Can medical marijuana be used to safely and effectively treat the symptoms of PMS? According to research and anecdotal reports, medical marijuana may, indeed, be an option for those seeking a natural way to combat the multiple maladies associated with PMS. In this post, we’ll touch

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Marijuana Help With and Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?

Medical marijuana in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries The use of medical marijuana for treating traumatic brain injury (TBI) Also known as traumatic brain encephalopathy (TBE) Which states consider TBI to be a qualifying condition Which cannabis strains are ideal for treating symptoms of TBI Potential side effects of cannabis for traumatic brain injuries.  Share

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Medical Marijuana for Dementia Treatment

Medical Marijuana for Dementia Treatment

Medical Marijuana for Dementia Treatment Can medical marijuana help patients suffering from dementia? Scientific studies have been undertaken to determine the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana for treating dementia. Many of these studies have produced promising results. Causes and symptoms of dementia. Evidence that the active compounds found in marijuana can not only relieve

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Veterans & Marijuana

Cannabis Helps PTSD

Cannabis Helps PTSD The treatment of PTSD is one of the most common reasons patients use medical cannabis Products include medical marijuana and hemp-derived CBD How to use medical marijuana for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Facts and figures related to Veterans & PTSD Which marijuana and CBD strains are good for treating PTSD Share on email

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CBD Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Using CBD to Reduce Inflammation and Pain Multiple studies and trials have indicated the efficacy of CBD oil in the reduction of chronic and acute inflammation. CBD has been shown to be a safe, natural alternative to many prescription and OTC medications that may have damaging, life-threatening side-effects. How does CBD work to reduce inflammation

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Chrons MedCard

Marijuana For Crohns Disease Treatment

Medical Marijuana and Treatment of Colitis and Crohn’s Disease Can medical marijuana be used to treat colitis and Crohn’s disease?  There exist several clinical and lab studies as well as abundant anecdotal evidence to suggest this to be the case. Evidence for the efficacy and safety of cannabis in treating colitis and Crohn’s. Best 5

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Medical Marijuana In the Treatment of Arthritis

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Relief from Medical Marijuana Can medical marijuana be used to treat fibromyalgia?  95 percent of patients who used marijuana for fibromyalgia reported some relief.  Almost two-thirds found the treatment to be highly effective.  How medical marijuana might be used to treat the causes and symptoms of fibromyalgia Effective Cannabis Strains for Fibromyalgia Share on email Share on

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