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Treating Sjogren’s Syndrome With Medical Marijuana and The Best Strains For It.


Sjogren’s syndrome is a condition in which the glands in your mucous membranes become chronically inflamed. These inflammations lead to dry mucous membranes, especially in your eyes and mouth. Sjogren syndrome is an autoimmune disease. This means that the condition is caused by your immune system attacking your own body. The syndrome also falls under the group of rheumatic diseases. The cause of this condition is not known. Auto-antibodies are found in the bloodstream of its sufferers and heredity or viral problems may also play a role in the development of this disease.

This disease is most common among women who are older than age 40. When an individual suffers only from Sjogren’s syndrome, it is called a primary disorder but if the syndrome is accompanied with other rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus, health professionals call it a secondary disorder. Multiple autoimmune diseases often occur together in one patient at the same time.

Sjogren’s syndrome is associated with a variety of symptoms. However, dry eyes and a dry mouth are the major symptoms. Another common symptom of the disease is fatigue. Skin rashes, vaginal dryness, persistent dry cough, scleroderma and swollen salivary glands are some of the other symptoms patients of Sjogren’s syndrome experience.

The diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome is based on the pattern of the symptoms, physical examination and blood tests. At the moment Sjogren’s syndrome cannot be cured. However, the symptoms can be reduced as cannabis helps Sjogren’s Syndrome. The right treatment reduces discomfort and makes life a bit more pleasant for the patients.

Treating Sjogren’s Syndrome with Marijuana

While advances in science have allowed us to have a greater understanding of our health, getting to the root cause of a chronic disease can be challenging. Autoimmune diseases are an area of ​​medicine that remain largely unknown. That is why a lot of Sjogren’s syndrome patients are enthusiastic about the use of medical marijuana.

A cannabinoid therapy has the potential to help people with autoimmune diseases by decreasing systemic inflammation, with little or no side effects. Several preclinical studies have established that cannabinoids can attenuate the autoimmune inflammatory response.

Several laboratory studies have showed that THC and CBD can play a very important role in relieving the pains of autoimmune disease patients. Some other studies have also showed that marijuana can prevent the attack on healthy cells and possibly preventing the development of Sjogren’s syndrome.

While Sjogren’s syndrome can be a challenging and overwhelming disease that requires deeper investigation, marijuana has shown promising results and has helped some patients to control the disease and also stop the growth of other related autoimmune diseases. The Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation also agrees that cannabis helps Sjogren’s Syndrome by being effective in reducing musculoskeletal pains that are caused by arthritis, lupus, and Sjogren’s.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Sjogren’s Syndrome

Some of the best marijuana strains for Sjogren’s syndrome patients include:

How To Get Medical Marijuana for Sjogren’s Syndrome

If you are a resident of a legal state and want medical marijuana to help treat Sjogren’s Syndrome or other medical conditions, you will first need to consult with a certified doctor in order to get your med card. To get started, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration formpress submit and a physician or clinic representative will contact you as available.

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