Treating Spinal Cord Disease – The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Treating Spinal Cord Disease With Medical Marijuana and the Best Strains For It.

There is some evidences that medical marijuana could effectively treat the symptoms of spinal cord diseases. The truth is that using cannabinoids soon after being diagnosed with a spinal cord disease can limit the damage by stimulating a neuroprotective response. Like people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, patients of spinal cord diseases are also known to suffer from so much pain and medical marijuana has been proven to be effective in the treatment of pain.

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs down in the middle of the back. It plays the crucial role of carrying signals back and forth between the brain and the body. The spinal cord protects the brain disc that makes up the spine.

Just like other parts of the body, the spinal cord could be affected by a series of conditions, including an injury, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, tumors/cancers, infections such as meningitis and polio, as well as degenerative diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy.

Spinal cord injuries are particularly caused by damages to the vertebrae, ligaments or disks of the spinal column. A traumatic spinal cord injury may also be as a result of a sudden traumatic blow that fractures, dislocates, crushes or compresses one or more of the vertebrae. Most of the symptoms of spinal cord diseases often occur around the spinal cord itself as well as in the arms and legs.

The most common symptoms of a spinal cord disease include pain, numbness, changes in sexual functions, exaggerated reflex activities/spasms, loss of bowel/bladder control, inability to move, paralysis, loss of sensations such as the ability to feel heat, cold and touch, muscle weakness, as well as diminished sweating.

Although spinal cord diseases can affect anyone, certain risk factors could predispose people to a higher risk of developing it. Such risk factors include having a bone or joint disorder, older age, being a male as well as engaging in risky behaviors such as diving into shallow water and playing sports without proper protective gears.

Some spinal cord diseases can be treated through the administration of medications, including pain medications, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. Doctors may also request a surgery for some spinal cord diseases, whereas spinal cord injuries are irreversible, but have various treatment options that focus on preventing further injury and empowering the sufferers to live productive lives.

Treating Spinal Cord Disease with Medical Cannabis

Can cannabis help treat Spinal Cord Disease?

A recent study has actually demonstrated strong evidence that oral cannabis extract pills could be effective in alleviating central nerve pain. This same study has also shown moderate evidence that an oral CBD spray could be effective in lessening frequent urination, considering that sufferers of spinal cord diseases usually face problems when it comes to controlling their bladder.

According to the findings from another, most of the pain relief in spinal cord injury sufferers comes from cannabis use and massage. The results of this study provided a base for the authors to conclude that these therapies combined can help in alleviating pain as well as other symptoms of spinal cord disorders or diseases.

Another study was conducted on 18 patients with spinal cord injuries. During this study, the authors found out that both THC and CBD, all compounds found in medical marijuana provided more significant pain relief when compared to a placebo. The authors therefore concluded that medical marijuana does not only improve pain associated with spinal cord injury, but it equally helps in improving muscle spasms, spasticity and impaired bladder control, which are all problems mostly faced by people living with spinal cord diseases.

Aside pain, medical marijuana has also been reported to be effective in relieving other symptoms of spinal cord diseases, including sexual dysfunction, stiffness, insomnia, as well as anxiety and depression.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Spinal Cord Disease

Some of the best marijuana strains for spinal cord disease patients include:
  • Sage
  • Cannatonic
  • Mango
  • Trinity
  • Orange Dream
  • Island Sweet Skunk
  • Purple Chemdawg

How To Get a Med Marijuana Card for Spinal Cord Disease

If you are a resident of a legal state and want medical marijuana to help treat Spinal Cord Disease or other medical conditions, you will first need to consult with a certified doctor in order to get your med card. 

To get started, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit and a physician or clinic representative will contact you as available.


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