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How CBD Helps With Nightmares

CBD aids the entire quality of sleep by making it a lot easier for the user to fall asleep. Over the years, many people have been linking CBD with the treatment of nightmares. It should be noted that nightmares are elaborate frightening dreams that could result in terror and anxiety. 

The subject of nightmares usually varies from person to person, but most people typically have nightmares that center around certain traumatic incidents such as accidents or attacks they had experienced in the past. Even though nightmares are more common in children, adults are also prone to it and it has been estimated that one in every two adults could experience nightmares occasionally.

Although there are behavioural changes that could prevent nightmares, CBD has been listed among the potential treatments by some researchers. Nevertheless, to understand the effectiveness of CBD in treating nightmares, it is imperative to first of all understand the different phases of sleep. It should be noted that the sleep cycle normally has several phases, with the most common being the deep sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Well, most dreamings usually occur during REM sleep, because it is the phase during which the brain is most active.

According to several studies, CBD reduces the time spent in REM sleep by increasing the duration of deep sleep. This therefore explains why medical cannabis is often recommended to people who have sleeping problems and disorders. It is apparent that CBD encourages more time in low-wave sleep, thereby making it possible for the sleeper to spend less time in REM sleep. This therefore results in less time for dreaming, and nightmares.

According to a 2017 review of literatures on cannabis, cannabinoids and sleep, the effects of CBD on sleep largely depend on the right dosage. The researchers further opined that low doses might be stimulating whereas high doses of CBD rather induces sleep more reliably. Thus, it can be argued that high doses of CBD have the potential of improving sleep quality, thereby reducing the possibilities of nightmares.

According to another article that was published via Pub Med in 2018, CBD may also be instrumental in lowering anxiety levels, thereby making people fall asleep more quickly. This assertion can be explained by the fact that when anxiety levels are low, sleep quality improves since an individual becomes more refreshed.

It is evident that many people currently prefer using CBD for sleep related problems than the conventional medications for sleep disorders. First of all, CBD is natural since its extracted from medical cannabis. Besides, anecdotal evidence has it that unlike the natural sleep induced by CBD, the unnatural sleep that is induced by sleeping pills could leave patients feeling less-than-refreshed and groggy the following morning. More so, CBD is associated with very little or no side effects, which often last for just a few hours, whereas the conventional medications used in treating nightmares are often associated with many side effects.

Although several studies, have been done on CBD and other illnesses, only a few scientific investigations have been done on the effectiveness of CBD in treating nightmares. Thus, scientists are called upon to do further research on the subject in a bid to help sufferers of recurrent nightmares.

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