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CBD in Arizona is getting very popular. Did you know that there are two kinds of CBD oil? While one type is perfectly legal in Arizona, the other is heavily restricted and can land you in jail. In this post, we’ll go over Arizona’s 2021 hemp and CBD laws including those related to growing hemp and selling CBD products. These topics and more are covered in this 2021 Arizona CBD Buyers Guide.

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Is CBD oil legal in Arizona in 2021? Well, that actually depends on where the CBD oil comes from. CBD products containing oils derived from hemp are perfectly legal for all Arizonans. 

However, there are also strains of Marijuana from CBD-rich cannabis oils can be produced. , However, these products generally also contain THC — the compound in marijuana which is responsible for the high. 

These THC-rich cannabis oil products are only available at Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries and only to approved medical marijuana patients.

That may change soon, however. Marijuana policy reform advocates are working to legalize marijuana for use by all adults, not just medical patients. 

If advocates are successful, adults 21 and older will be able to purchase both types of CBD-rich oils in Arizona. 

However, marijuana-derived products will still likely only be available at state-licensed marijuana dispensaries. Whereas hemp-derived CBD products can be sold by any retailer. 

In 2016, Proposition 205 attempted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The measure failed with 48.7% of the vote. The campaign received quite a bit of opposition. 

In fact, more than $6 million was brought in by a fundraising effort headed by Gov. Doug Ducey. Contributors to that campaign to defeat the initiative included Discount Tire ($1,000,000), the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry ($918,000), and drug company Insys Therapeutics ($500,000).

However, a push is on for another voter initiative to legalize marijuana for the 2020 ballot. The effort is being spearheaded by the Arizona Dispensaries Association and Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce called the “Smart and Safe Act.” 

In order to make the ballot, the petition must earn 237,645 signatures from registered Arizona voters by July 2, 2020. As of mid-January, advocates had collected over 150,000 signatures.

That’s a little but of the backstory. Now let’s get into the details of Arizona hemp and CBD laws.

Arizona hemp CBD FAQ | 2021

Is hemp CBD oil legal in Arizona?

There are currently no Arizona laws prohibiting the purchase and possession of hemp CBD oil in Arizona. Producing and selling hemp CBD is another story. We’ll get into those topics below.

Can Doctors in Arizona prescribe hemp CBD oil?

The only prescription drug containing CBD that has been approved by the FDA is Epidiolex. Epidiolex is prescribed for the treatment of intractable cases of childhood epilepsy.

Although Arizona-licensed doctors are not permitted to prescribe CBD oil to their patients, they are allowed to recommend hemp CBD oil if they feel that their patients can benefit from using it. 

State-certified Doctors may also approve qualified patients for a medical marijuana card. The card gives patients suffering from a list of qualifying medical conditions access to cannabis oils and other products derived from marijuana.

Marijuana Telemedicine in Arizona

Telemedicine is the use of telephone and video conferencing for medical consultations. 

In Arizona, health care practitioners are required to first establish a face-to-face physician-patient relationship before they can prescribe treatments including medical marijuana. 

Fortunately, considering the current circumstance surrounding social distancing, under Arizona telemedicine laws, telemedicine appointments now qualify as establishing the doctor-patient relationship.

There’s no need to venture out for a doctor’s office visit, saving time and money.

CBD oil is treating several medical conditions

Since a prescription is not required to purchase hemp CBD oil in Arizona, it can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. 

Common reasons given for using CBD oil are to improve sleep, to reduce pain, to and to reduce anxiety and depression. 

However, there are dozens of additional medical conditions for which CBD has been shown to be effective.

Can I buy CBD oil products online in Arizona?

Yes, you may purchase hemp CBD products online. Online stores generally carry a wider selection of hemp CBD products than local shops. 

Be sure to do your homework, however, as there are a lot of companies trying to cash in on the exploding popularity of hemp CBD oil by producing inferior products. These products often do not contain high-quality CBD and have not been lab-tested to assure potency and purity.

We recommend CBDbay.app, as they only work with reputable hemp CBD retailers within their marketplace.

What hemp CBD products are available in Arizona?

Some states forbid the sale of smokable hemp flower. Others prohibit CBD vape oils. Currently, however, there are no restrictions on the types of hemp CBD products that may be sold in the state of Arizona.

Where can I buy CBD oil in Arizona?

Specialty stores that sell hemp CBD products have been appearing across the state of Arizona from Tempe, to Phoenix, to Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa and just about every other city in the state. 

Hemp CBD is also commonly sold at health food stores and spas, convenience stores, and even some pet shops.

A number of drug stores and Grocery chains such as Fry’s now offer hemp CBD oil in Arizona, as well. However, because the use of CBD in edibles and beverages is currently forbidden by the US FDA, you are unlikely to find those products in larger chain stores. 

If you’re a card-carrying medical marijuana patient you can purchase cannabis oils made from both marijuana and hemp at any state-licensed dispensary. 

One benefit of purchasing CBD oil at a dispensary is that it ensures that the products have been tested for the presence of pesticides, molds, and other contaminants.

Can I legally grow hemp in Arizona?

A license from the Arizona Agency of Agriculture is required to grow hemp in Arizona. All US citizens may apply for a hemp grower’s license in the state. There are no residency requirements.

Arizona’s hemp program was launched in May 2018. However, it took the state one year to develop regulations. Hemp farmers were officially permitted to grow hemp beginning with the 2019 growing season. 

Arizona offers five types of hemp licenses:

  • Hemp Grower
  • Hemp Harvester
  • Hemp Transporter
  • Hemp Processor
  • Hemp Nursery

There are no limits on the number of licenses.

Check out the links at the end of the article for more information on growing hemp in Arizona.

Is it legal to sell hemp CBD oil in Arizona?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to sell hemp CBD products in Arizona without any special license other than the usual business licensing requirements. 

Click here to learn how to start a CBD company in Arizona

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