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Finding a marijuana doctor to get certified in Opelousas for a medical card is easy, and can be done online right from your couch or dining room table. The best MMJ doctors now use telemedicine for medical cannabis consultations in Opelousas. These virtual doctor visits are done using your phone, tablet or personal computer from home without ever having to walk into the doctor’s office.

For new patients or to renew your Louisiana medical card, you must have a qualifying condition. Using cannabis to treat chronic pain and PTSD are the most common. After visiting with a medical marijuana doctor online and getting certified, patients can buy medical grade cannabis, including infused THC and CBD products at local dispensaries.

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If you’re ready, simply fill out the form below and press submit. Then create a login, and you’re on your way to visit with a marijuana telemedicine doctor online. It doesn’t get easier than that! Your LA medical card will be issued after the doctors approval. See if you qualify today.

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Louisiana Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis in Opelousas

Autism patients may qualify for cannabis medicine if they are experiencing or show severe self-stimulatory or repetitive behavior that jeopardizes the patient’s physical health, an inability to communicate, or avoidance of other people that puts the patient’s physical health in danger, among other conditions.


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