Commercial Marijuana Card Doctor Near Me

How To Get or Renew a Marijuana Card Online Using Telemedicine in Commercial, NJ

A medical marijuana card is issued by the state and gives patients access to medical cannabis in Commercial. Once a patient is approved by a qualified recommending doctor and received their medcard, they can go to their local dispensary and purchase a wide variety of cannabis based THC and CBD products for treatment.

In order to be approved, patients need to to be certified by a participating medical card doctor, which can now be done from home online using Telehealth telemedicine. Potential MMJ patients must have a debilitating medical condition found the state’s list of qualifying conditions.

Using Telehealth Online To Get Or Renew Your MedCard

This is how to visit with a certifying MMJ doctor near me and get or renew your New Jersey marijuana card from home!

Medcard Example

Telehealth gives patients the opportunity to visit with a marijuana card doctor in New Jersey using your smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Online medcard appointments help reduce the spread and exposure of patients to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Qualified patients can get legal THC and CBD medicine for the treatment of several qualifying conditions.

Live marijuana telehealth appointments can be done from anywhere in the state online without having to leave the house. No travel, in person doctor office visit, or inconvenience. Your New Jersey medical card will be issued after the doctors approval. It doesn’t get any more germ free than this!

If you’re ready, simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit, and you’re on your way to a marijuana doctors appointment online from the comfort of your living room or dining room table. You will receive an email with follow up details as well. See if you qualify today!

Commercial Marijuana Card Q&A

How Much Does a New Jersey Medical Card Cost To Get From The State?

The fee for patients, including minors and caregivers, is $100. Senior citizens, military veterans, or those who qualify for certain state and federal assistance programs will pay a reduced fee of $20. If a guardian of a minor would qualify for a reduced registration fee, the minor patient would also qualify for the reduced fee.

How much does a Recommending Marijuana Doctor in New Jersey Cost?

The Average Cost to visit a Certified Ordering Doctor is $200 – $300 for the initial visit and $150 – $200 for the follow up visit.

Can doctors prescribe medical marijuana?

Doctors are actually not permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. However, if they are registered by the state, a doctor can recommend medical marijuana and approve their patients for access to the drug.

When I get my NJ MMJ card, can I grow my own marijuana?

Medical marijuana patients in New Jersey are not permitted to grow their own marijuana, and there are harsh penalties if you get caught doing so.

Where can I find a marijuana doctor near me in NJ?

Check out our marijuana doctors map to see if any are listed near you, Or Get Started Now Here

CBD, is hemp CBD in Commercial legal, and where can I buy it online?

Yes, hemp based CBD is legal.

Where to find and shop for CBD products online?

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